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Nutrition Programming Services

Daily Nutrition and Wellness Consultations

Nutrition and exercise can be overwhelming and finding time to make those changes can be difficult. Our virtual 1-on-1 programs deliver daily guidance and support to help keep you accountable.

Our Program is for if you are:
  • Frustrated that countless diet plans have not worked for you

  • Overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet

  • Struggling to stick to a program

  • Searching for support with your health journey


Get inspired with smoothie recipes that will nutritionally fill you in the morning.


Weekly check-ins with your dietitian are prudent for accountability and progress.

FIRST Appointment

Your intake is a chance to explore your medical history, diet and lifestyle.

Latest articles

At Bare Health we are dedicated to giving you up to date information on recent research, clinical studies and other nutrition trends. We love to stay up-to-date and informed our clients about what is working and what is not working for my nutrition standpoint.

Latest recipes

I thought that was this one : Discover recent recipes that are our trainers personal favorites, plant-based and can help you learn to love eating plants. Your nutrition should be a lifestyle and not a diet, which is the goal of all of our recipes. We hope you can easily incorporate some of these recipes into your daily life and family meals.


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