Bare Health is a fully integrated wellness company with locations in Napa & Aspen. We provide personal training, nutrition, pain relief exercise, postural correction, athletic performance, professional continuing education, ergonomics, corporate wellness, health retreats, and national/international training services. We pride ourselves on designing programs based upon postural/bio-mechanics analysis and working with our doctors to analyze lab work to create the best program for your goals. Our website is designed to be a helpful resource that you can reference for all things health and wellness.



Personal Training Services

At Bare Health we focus on the science behind personal training. Your first session will consist of a posture assessment, we will review your health history, blood labs, nutrition, heavy metals, and even the products you use on a daily basis. Our focus is on overall health, disease prevention and longevity of your joints.


Postural Correction Services

Postural Analysis is a powerful way to identify musculoskeletal imbalances that can lead to injury, aches, pains and performance problems. With our assessment we identify any deviations that are occurring in your body and prescribe a set of therapeutic exercises to help alleviate your common aches and pains or prevent future injuries.


Ergonomic Programming

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. When your workstation is not set up properly it can cause strains and sprains on your body. Ultimately, this can cause a sufficient amount of pain and cost your company as well. With our ergonomic assessments we have saved companies millions in strains and sprains each year.