Regain Your Health by Living a Well-Nourished Life.

Learn to un-diet from our diet culture and cultivate a healthy and tasteful relationship with food.

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Try Plant-Based Meals

Experience the Power of Food as Medicine with Sakara fully plant based, gluten free and organic meals. Our clients see and feel the transformation in as little as one week with Improved Digestion, Reduced Bloat, Shed Excess Weight, Boost Energy, Increase Focus and Improve Skin Clarity. Try Sakara meals with 20% off using code XOTESSA

Get Recipes

Part of a good nutrition plan is coming up with healthy plant-based recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Check out our recipes to inspire fresh ideas for: green smoothies, juices breakfast, lunch, dinner, protein balls, snacks, and more.

Nutrition Programming Assessment

Food is medicine – we put this into place by programming your meals around health, disease prevention, and ridding your body of inflammation. Simultaneously we teach you how to enjoy meals, create a healthy relationship with food and eat to live.

Answers to FAQS

Not sure where to start or what program is best? Check out our FAQ page for more information on pricing, what meal plans look like, how often your meal change is expected to change, dietary concerns, supplements, example grocery lists and more.

Affordable Nutrition Programming Built Around You & Your Needs

Our nutrition plans are curated for you to achieve your goals and maintain them while enjoying the food.

Featured Recipes

Superfood Pitaya Bowl

20-25m | 174 Cals

Plant-Based Lunch Tacos

25-30m | 278 Cals

Plant-Based Yogurt Parfait

35-40m | 352 Cals

Broccoli Soup

15-20m | 247 Cals

Easy Vegan Mac n Cheese

25-30m | 652 Cals

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble

15-20m | 247 Cals

Healthy Avocado Toast

Fancy Avocado Toast

35-40m | 327 Cals

Plant-based lunch protein bowl

Plant-Based Lunch Protein Bowl

15-20m | 247 Cals

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