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At Bare Health and Fitness we approach all of our clients from a scientific standpoint. What this means is your trainer will look at your body through a postural and gait analysis to assess any deviations that you might have. Why is this important? Because if something is out of alignment you will never fully be able to reach your full potential because deviations lead to inefficiencies in your energy systems, pain, and an increased chance for injury. Additionally it’s important to look inside of you and what’s actually going on in your body. What does this mean? Blood labs. We love to take a look at as many comprehensive blood labs as possible to help put you on correct supplementation and nutrition programming. This means looking beyond a CBC, we want to take a look at your food sensitivities, hormone panel, gut health, and neurological tests. From here we are able to design the most specific training plan meant to optimize your energy systems and get you to the healthiest point in your life.





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