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Feb 14-21st, 2024

Embark on the ultimate Wine and Wellness Retreat in Bondi, Australia, where beachside workouts, catamaran wine lunches, and transformative healing modalities converge. Immerse yourself in bio-hacking health techniques, rejuvenating runs coupled with ocean cold plunges, and the soothing sounds of the ocean for a revitalizing escape like no other. Stay in a private villa or at the luxurious QT hotel, all while savoring plant-based nutrition and the exquisite wines of our partner, 11:11 Wines.

  • Private Villa & Chef

  • Private Room and Bathroom + QT Hotel Rooms

  • Bio-Hacking Techniques and Workshops

  • Workouts & Yoga

  • Sydney Harbor Catamaran and 11:11 Wines Experience

  • Private Vegan Cooking Class

  • RTT Hypnotherapy & Shaman Work

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  • Energy Medicine

  • Paddleboarding

  • Sound Healing

  • Postural Analysis

  • Group Workshops

  • Kayaking

  • Meditation

  • Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi & Manly Beach & Blue Mountains Hiking

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Proudly sponsored by Eleven Eleven Winery.


Embark on a seven-day odyssey of self-discovery and holistic rejuvenation, as you immerse yourself in Bare Health’s Retreat amidst the breathtaking allure of Sydney, Australia. Cleanse mind, body, and spirit with modalities such as bio-hacking plant-based nutrition to boost your metabolism and detoxify, posture and gait analysis body realignment, meditation, contrast therapy, cupping, pulsed electromagnetic fields therapy, light meditation, hypnotherapy, shamanic work and more. This retreat is a sanctuary for individuals seeking a respite or a profound exploration of self-care. Our program seamlessly integrates health and fitness into the fabric of your travel experience, allowing you to bask in the sunshine of Sydney’s stunning locales. Embrace the warm welcome extended to you, as our holistic wellness coach Tessa Mini will lead you to make mindful choices, uncovering the beauty in simpler foods that resonate with your well-being. With a plethora of meticulously planned activities, including guided walks around iconic landmarks, wellness workshops, and unique curated dinners with panoramic views, your journey is not just a retreat—it’s a transformative experience. As you partake in this unparalleled journey, expect not only lifelong memories but also the possibility that the travel bug might just leave an indelible mark. This Australian retreat promises not just a trip but a transformative odyssey—one that leaves you not only restored but with newfound friends and a lingering sense of wanderlust.


Day 1- Feb 14

10:00 AM: Drop luggage off at Villa or QT Hotel and meet in front of the Bondi Icebergs to begin Bondi to Coogee Walk

12:00 PM: Lunch at the Coogee Pav

3:00pm: Arrive QT Hotel or Villa

• 6:00 PM: Welcome Reception and Plant-Based Dinner with 11:11 wines and canapes, spirit animal tarot card reading, and review of energy medicine 101.

Day 2- Feb 15

6:00 AM: Optional morning run with Tessa + cold plunge into the ocean

7:30 AM -8:45 AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation with Nana

9:00 AM: Plant-Based Breakfast + Energy Frequency and Chakra Session with Tessa

10:30 AM: Guided Morning Walk around Sydney Harbor Bridge, Opera house and botanical gardens with Tessa

1:30 PM: Harbor Kayak

6:30 PM: Plant-Based Dinner at Villa

8:30 PM: Sound Bath

Day 3- Feb 16

6:00 AM: Morning run/walk and cold plunge into the ocean with Tessa

7:00 AM: Morning Posture Workout with therapeutic stretch and strength program with Tessa

9:00 AM: Plant-Based Breakfast + Wellness discussion with Tessa about intention setting

1:00 PM: Catamaran the Sydney Harbor with 11:11 wines and lunch from Chef Val views of the opera house and iconic Sydney bridge

5:00 PM: Return to harbor

5:30 PM: Optional Afternoon Drink at the Opera House and dinner at Opera Bar

Day 4- Feb 17

6:00 AM: Optional run with Tessa + cold plunge into the ocean

7:30 AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation

9:00 AM: Plant-Based Breakfast + Wellness discussion with Tessa

10:00 AM: Wellness Workshops Hypnotherapy Session for Stress Reduction & Shamanic Soul Mapping

1:00 PM: Plant-Based Lunch + Plant Based Cooking Class with Chef Val

3:30PM: Free time

4:00 PM: Chakra Clearing Energy Session

6:15 PM: Plant-Based Dinner at Yellow Restaurant

Day 5- Feb 18

6:00 Am: Optional run with Tessa + cold plunge into the ocean

7:30 AM: Morning Posture Workout with therapeutic stretch and strength program with Tessa

9:00 AM: Plant-Based Breakfast + Wellness discussion with Tessa

10:00 AM: Day trip to Manly beach, hike, and play volleyball on the beach. Optional surf lessons and paddle boarding or kayak excursion. Day will include a guided hike and beach picnic set up – guests that wish to kayak or paddle board or snorkel will also have an opportunity to do so.

1:30 PM: Plant-Based Lunch picnic from Chef Val

4:00 PM: Energy Healing on the beach with meditation with Tessa

7:00 PM: Plant-Based Dinner

Day 6- Feb 19

6:00 AM: Optional Run with Tessa

7:30 AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation

8:30 AM: Plant-Based Breakfast + Wellness discussion with Tessa

9:00 AM: Day trip to the Blue mountains for hiking, energy medicine meditation, waterfalls and more. Also check out Blue Mts. artists, check out some unexpected street art, and visit cool cafes to discuss barista techniques and share Australia’s love for coffee.

7:00 PM: Plant-Based Dinner at villa from Chef Val

Day 7- Feb 20

7:00 AM: Morning Yoga and Meditation

8:30 AM: Plant-Based Breakfast + wellness talks with Tessa

9:30 AM: Tea Ceremony Meditation

10:30-1:30 PM: Acupuncture and Gong Sound Therapy with Craniosacral Healing

3:00 PM : Free Time for guests

7:00 PM: Farewell Dinner from chef Val at villa

Day 8- Feb 21

6:00 AM: Optional Morning Run with Tessa + Ocean Cold Plunge

7:30 AM: Farewell Posture and Pain Relief Workout

9:00 AM: Breakfast and Goodbyes.


You’ll be getting those beachside feel flows with a spacious studio soaked in casual sleek. From surf to shower with rainforest shower head, separate bath and Kevin Murphy amenities. Bluetooth Bose music docks for setting the scene, a minibar stocked to tease and in-room movies. A stylish little kitchenette with microwave, plus washing machine and dryer. Accommodation included in retreat price. Flight sold separately.

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