Whether you are a fitness fanatic or someone who is health-conscious in general, you need to know the basics when it comes to food and nutrition. This article is a great place to start; find out more about the dangers of added sugar and trans fats and the benefits of Himalayan salt.


Avoid Added Sugar

Many food products contain natural sugars, but producers add sugar on top of this to increase the flavor and make the product more appealing. Added sugar is a form of empty calories that increases fat stores in the body; it also leads to serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes.


Some people think added sugar is mostly harmless, especially if they take a lot of exercise; others believe it is a leading cause of obesity and other serious diseases in society. To get the most out of your fitness regime, avoid products with added sugar and focus on whole foods.

Get More Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that plays an important role in the health of the body; however, the body cannot produce omega 3, so it must be introduced into the diet. There are three types of omega 3; these are ALA, DHA, and EPA. ALA is from plants; the others are found in meat products.


Omega 3 plays important roles in the healthy functioning of the mind and body, this fatty acid can improve memory and cognitive function, and it can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Make sure you get omega-3 in the form of a supplement or quality foods.

Himalayan Salt

As with sugar, many processed foods contain added salt to increase the flavor; not only that, people sometimes add additional table salt. Too much salt in your diet can be harmful; it increases the chances of high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes, among other things.


An excellent alternative is Himalayan Salt which most people assume is the same as table salt; in fact, there is a world of difference. Unlike table salt, Himalayan salt and sea salts contain trace minerals that help your body function better. Table salt also contains some contaminants.

Artificial Trans Fats

Trans fats are created when vegetables are hydrogenated to produce vegetable oils; they are therefore present in many vegetable oils products such as margarine. Nowadays, some products like margarine are advertised without trans fats because it is harmful to health.


Trans fats are associated with a number of health conditions, such as abdominal obesity, inflammation, heart disease, and many more. If you care about your overall health, make sure you avoid trans fats and support your diet with whole foods without added sugar or salt.

Eating Vegetables

One of the best foods you can eat is vegetables. Vegetables are versatile and can be consumed in a number of ways; they contain all the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body and support long-term cognitive and physical health. Not only are vegetables perfect to eat any time of the year, but they are also daily cheap to buy in the stores, so there’s no excuse.