Supplements are one of the best-selling products on the web, and there is a whole army of people who swear by them. But what do they really do? Each one has a different effect on your body. From muscle recovery to antioxidants, here are some of the most useful for your training.

Weight Loss and Lean Body Mass

Weight loss supplements are in a category of their own in the supplement niche. Most people want to lose weight and reach their goals. You will need to work hard to achieve this, and there isn’t a magic wand we can wave. But there are some supplements that can help you. Some of the best include vitamin B and carnitine for better metabolization and MK 677 for maintaining a lean body mass. People believe MK 677 is a steroid, but it is not and is typically very safe.

Improved Muscle Recovery

Your muscles get small tears when you work out, and proteins patch over them, making them bigger and stronger. But, of course, this hurts. Fortunately, there are some supplements that aid in muscle recovery, making it more tolerable and quicker. Proteins are, of course, the first thing you will think of. But other supplements that can help with this include magnesium, creatine, and fatty acids. You can also drink tart cherry juice as a delicious post-workout drink that helps.

Some Supplements Help Oxygen Delivery

You need more blood pumping and more oxygen when you are training. This keeps all your vital systems running at peak efficiency, including cell production. Iron is pretty much the best you can use for this, and it even helps with hormone production. But it can also cause constipation, so an iron spray that bypasses your gut is recommended. Other supplements that can help with this include Ginkgo biloba, vitamin B compounds, and coenzyme Q10. Beetroot juice also helps.

Antioxidants That Target Free Radicals

Antioxidants are essential for overall health. What are they? Well, simply put, these help your body fight free radicals and unstable cells in your body that cause illnesses and aging. This sounds confusing to some, but the good news is it is easy to get the antioxidants you need from the best foods around. These include blueberries, dark chocolate, and green tea. To supplement these, selenium is one of the strongest antioxidants, and fish and nuts are a rich source of this.

Stronger Bone Density

Bone strength is essential to reduce injury for some types of training. Like muscles, there is a risk to your bones when you push yourself or engage in certain sports. Denser bones are more flexible and less prone to fracture. And if you are injured, denser bones heal quicker. You can use many well-known supplements for stronger bones, such as vitamin D tablets, omega-3, and vitamin B compounds. Calcium, oily and fatty fish, and going out into sunlight will also help.


Losing weight and staying lean are good uses for specific supplements. But there are also supplements that help you with oxygen delivery and even make your bones stronger.