It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are steadily climbing and the days are getting longer. Before we know it, it’ll be time to dust down the sandals and sliders and let our feet enjoy the fresh air. Footcare is often overlooked, but it’s important to take good care of your toes. If you’re keen to make sure you’re ready for the summer, here are some simple ways to keep your feet healthy.


Find the right footwear

Choosing the right shoes plays an integral role in enhancing comfort, lowering the risk of blisters and sores and ensuring you can walk and run comfortably. When shopping for shoes, always check the fit before you buy. Wearing shoes that are too loose or tight can affect the way you move and it can also cause pain. Choose high-quality materials and try to avoid wearing enclosed shoes, such as sneakers or boots, without socks. You may not notice, but your feet sweat during the day. Socks help to ensure freshness and comfort. Wear new shoes in before you attempt to walk long distances or spend long periods in them and replace footwear once it becomes worn.


Keep a close eye on your toenails

Many of us automatically think about healthy eating and exercise when we talk about health, but it’s important to look after every part of your body and every aspect of health and well-being. Inspect your feet regularly, paying close attention to your toenails. Cut your nails regularly and look out for signs like discoloration, cracks, ingrown toenails and white or dark patches on the nails, which can indicate a fungal infection. You can find information like how to fix cracked toenail guides online, but if you’re worried about more complex issues or symptoms that require medical intervention, seek advice. You may need to take medication or use a lotion or nail treatment to eradicate symptoms. If you cut your feet while you’re wearing sandals or walking around barefoot, apply a damp tissue or cloth to the wound to stem the bleeding and then cover it with a bandage or band-aid.


Cleaning and drying

Cleaning your feet should be an important part of your daily hygiene routine. Wash your feet, clean between the toes and make sure you dry them thoroughly. Wear clean socks. It’s essential to make sure your feet are dry to reduce the risk of infections and conditions like athlete’s foot. If you are prone to dry or cracked skin, apply moisturizer to your feet and use a file or pumice stone to remove hard skin.


It’s nearly time to swap sneakers, boots and pumps for sandals and sliders. As you prepare for warmer climes, it’s beneficial to check your feet and make sure they’re in good shape. Inspect your feet regularly, take good care of your nails and ensure you buy comfortable, supportive and well-fitted shoes. Clean your feet daily, wear fresh socks and make sure you dry between your toes. Seek professional advice if you have any concerns about your feet.