A new variant of Covid-19 has arrived, which scientists have now determined ‘Omicron.’ For this reason, many of us are experiencing flashbacks and even a sense of stagnating tiredness having to deal with this problem. While it’s true that the degree to which you may suffer (or have already experienced) such a virus can differ, it’s important to consider how this might impact the daily decisions you make in order to ensure a positive outcome.


Should you adjust your fitness schedule in response to Omicron? If so, what should you do? How can you stay fit during the winter despite making alternate decisions? And who needs to follow this advice?

Well – to begin with, the following advice will just be warm guidance, you can adopt it or ignore it at your own behest. Of course, it’s important to follow the advice of your public health authorities and government, and especially your doctor, so if anything in this list runs counter to that, be sure to eschew it.That said, those hoping to retain their fitness schedule throughout this renewed normal may wish to consider the following advice:

Consider Where You Train

Depending on what precautions you might wish to take, it could be that you change up gyms or train at home or outside for the time being, just to remain safe. Of course, gyms may be placing their own new regulations in place be that enforcing social distancing or asking for gym-goers to properly wipe down equipment and spend a certain amount of time in each area as a way to manage floor traffic.

Of course, gyms that you can work out in with good ventilation can be key. For some people, switching up to running outside with the proper footwear can take the place of a treadmill, while home kettlebells or free weights can rival the full weight systems available at the gym. While you may or may not wish to make a big difference, considering what alternatives may be on the table can help you pivot your approach if necessary.

Consider How You Train

How you train can also change depending on where you’d like to work out, how to manage that over the festive period, and what end of year goals you might enjoy. Now might be a good time to take a rest of course, but perhaps it could be that taking an outdoor exercise class, using your own equipment at home, or running outside more often can be key.

Or, perhaps you could change up the times by which you head to the gym. During the festive period, less people are found in the weight room anyway, while you may find going earlier and later in the day could help you have most of this space to yourself, depending on how busy your gym is usually. Keeping that in mind can help you keep training despite upcoming restrictions.

Work Out Alone

It’s always a nice idea to have a workout partner, someone who can keep you on your toes, allow you to track your progress, and motivate you when you feel tired. That said, at a time when social distancing may be enforced, it might be a good idea to spread out your workout and gym attendance so that you do it alone this time.

There’s no reason to disconnect from your workout partner of course, sharing your progress, discussing what new adjustments they’ll be making, and keeping each other motivated can easily happen online, or when you both attend an outdoor exercise effort to keep you on track. They’ll no doubt understand your renewed sense of caution.

General Protective Measures

Like anything, it’s a good idea to consider the At Home Covid Tests Available for use each morning, because this can help you decide if you need to train that day or if you should self isolate and take some time resting to allow your immune system to handle the day.

This way, you can easily make your decision each morning and should a test come back positive, you can then fight off the illness and enjoy enhanced immunity afterwards. Of course, cleaning the gym equipment you use while there, staying in a ventilated area, keeping a mask on when entering and exiting the building, and following any guidelines afforded to you is key.

Renewed Goals

Now is a great time to think about reassessing your fitness goals and of course, the progress you’ve made over the last year. It might be that you’ve lost so much weight this year you feel ten years younger. You might have broken through a strength plateau, or found a renewed love for swimming.

That’s all wonderful. If your workout goals haven’t been so easy to chase this year, or lifting with a damaged rotator cuff has been harder than you thought, it could be a good time to sit back and go back to the instruction manual, to discuss with fitness aficionados online about what your next steps may be, and to follow blogs like ours for the best ideas.

The end of the year can bring with it the chance to reconsider and review, and that can serve as an excuse to stay safe and away from busy gyms as the new Covid variant passes through.

Work On Stretching

A year of working out has an incredible amount of benefits, and almost no downsides provided this practice has been adhered to properly. That said, it might be that you could work on certain other neglected areas of your workout plan.

For instance, stretching. You might find that using a yoga series online, working on isometric exercises, and building your flexibility could be a great way to pass time away from your regular workout routine while helping to preserve your strength and even improve it by the time you return. This can be a fantastic alternative way to retain your strength while learning a new skill. As anyone who has practised yoga will tell you – this is a thorough workout of its own.

Home Gyms

Building your own home gym can work wonders in giving you more leeway as far as staying fit is concerned, especially if you wish to keep safe or to abide by restrictions in place.

Luckily, you don’t need too much for a comfortable home gym. A great exercise bike can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, and working on YouTube gym class tutorials from a tablet can be a perfect way to keep motivated.

Purchasing a free weights bar and some plates, a kettlebell or a set of adjustable dumbbells can also work wonders. In some cases, all you may need is a yoga mat, some speakers for calming music, and the means to commit to those movements with diligence, one after the other. You don’t need a thoroughly renovated space to make room for a home gym. Thinking about what implements you could apply now may give you the means to adjust your fitness schedule as needed despite the changing norms we’re facing.

Take A Deload Week

Any fitness instructor or coach will tell you to take a deload week from time to time. This week, filled with only light exercising and stretching, should be your bodies chance to relax and replenish itself after keeping on track for some time.

This way, you can rest up without worrying about losing your strength or progress, as a week isn’t long enough for that to happen, and you can make tremendous results in little time thanks to that effort.

Set Up Your Meal Planning Now

It’s important to recognize that if restrictions are put in place, and the festive season is upon us, indulging in treats, sweets and bad habits can be only a step away. Of course, you should enjoy your festivities and never be afraid of a little indulgence.

That said, it can be good to keep on track on the surrounding weeks to help you manage some of that indulgence properly. Partaking in meal prep Sunday (using your leftovers), planning for healthy heatable meals so you don’t need to wash your dishes endlessly during the week, and planning your supplement intake can all make a tremendous difference in how well you keep to your diet and how easily you can resume your targets when you get back to normal.

Keep Up With The News

While this current situation may be nothing to worry about, keeping a keen eye, assessing your risk level, and making your judgements can be a great way to keep working out. Perhaps, for instance, you can decide to work out using online tutorship directly instead of time in the gym with your personal trainer right now. These concessions are just temporary, and can help you appreciate what you have when things get back to normal.

With this advice, you’re sure to adjust your fitness schedule in response to Omicron, to the degree that you (or your government and public health authority) deems that necessary. It’s always best to be prepared.