Practicing Caution With The Coronavirus

hand washing

With the new pandemic of the Coronavirus disease, aka COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty. However, there is no need to panic, only to inform ourselves to be best prepared. Luckily, more information on the disease is being obtained on the daily, and there are things we can do to prevent the spread of illness. We will get to the facts about coronavirus at the end of the post but in the meantime let’s take a look at how we can keep our sanity with some places having a shelter in place, staying primarily indoors, social distancing while we are outdoors and ensuring our health is well!

Social distancing is the new hot trend of 2020 (but we didn’t ask for it) !

Here is our list of 50 favorite things to do while you are in self-quarantine.

  1. Netflix….and chill
  2. At home workouts – every fitness professional is pumping out their versions of at home workouts.
  3. Therapeutic stretches and strength exercises – everyone needs some postural help – check out our tips for sciatica to get rid of that and tips for back pain relief here! Hip flexor stretch
  4. Meditation
  5. Practice Yoga!
  6. If you have a peloton you better ride it everyday! Burn those calories!
  7. Practice gratitude – explore the big picture – things you are grateful for such as your family and health.
  8. Check in on your mental health.
    1. Are you still interested in everything you used to be interested in?
    2. How is your mood?
    3. Have any of your habits changed, are you doing anything self-destructive?
    4. How is your energy level?
    5. Has anyone commented on me changing?
  9. Go on a hike! Now is the time to explore as long as you are 6ft away from strangers
  10. Make cookies – dessert always makes people feel better. Here is my favorite vegan cookie recipe from our dear friend Abrah Hunter with Sweet Abes
  11. Incorporate self care – even if we are locked inside for the majority of time find a few things that truly make you happy. chocolate chip cookie
  12. Dust off that cook book that has been at the bottom of the book shelf and try something new….if you can find the ingredients at the grocery store
  13. Walk the doggies
  14. Clean your house – now you can practice Marie Konodo methods.
  15. Start stretching – now is the best time to take care of your health
  16. Learn to make the perfect latte – practice your latte art
  17. Create your honey do list and make it happen!
  18. Bust out the pen and paper and write some letters to your friends and family. Nothing says love like a good ole handwritten letter.
  19. Blog – now you have all the time in the world – my screen time is definitely going up!
  20. Try our favorite healthy smoothies during this time – our super easy green smoothie (there are some great bloopers of me at the end) and our superfood antioxidant smoothie
  21. Skype, Facetime, video chat with all your friends and family. berries
  22. Learn a new skill!
  23. Practice art to express yourself
  24. Take a bubble bath….with a bottle of champagne…and candles.
  25. Learn to make bread since that is off the shelves…bonus if you learn to make toilet paper
  26. Catch up on those ZZZZ’s
  27. Go to your pinterest boards and actually try to make something…and then laugh when it turns out horrible
  28. Three words: Adult coloring books
  29. Kick it old school puzzle it up
  30. Now you can get serious with your gamer friends…get on their level!
  31. Make a photo album of all your favorite photos
  32. Journal and have time for self-reflection
  33. Start gardening – you can even germinate your own seeds
  34. If you have always wanted to write a book now is an excellent time
  35. Foot rubs, massage, head massage – you name it there better be some physical touch
  36. Paint your nails
  37. Might want to start figuring out at home incomeicecream
  38. Make icecream!
  39. Learn a new language – everyone is online so should be easy to find someone to practice with
  40. Dye your hair so we don’t look unfabulous when we come out of quarantine.
  41. Pickling, canning – time to stock up!
  42. Read that book you can’t finish or re-read all your favorites.
  43. Go on a run, rollerblade or bike ride – once again keep your distance.
  44. Home improvements? Need to paint?
  45. It is a good time to buy stock…everything is at a low
  46. Wine taste all the bottles in your wine fridge
  47. Clean out your closet and donate any extra clothes
  48. Invent a game! Things can get real creative here
  49. Go on a virtual tour of a museum or aquarium
  50. Do something for someone else…that lives in your house

Keep busy at home, and follow these tips to stay healthy:

Food prescription:


  1. Drink lots of water – 3/4 oz. per pound of body weight.
  2. Drink more when you exercise.
  3. Remember caffeine, alcohol & sparkling water are dehydrating. Load up on water to combat those effects if/when you drink any of these.
  4. Eat lots of fruits and veggies (15-20 servings)
  5. Limit excessive protein, caffeine, and alcohol (best to cut them out if you’re overweight, take medications, or have any diseases).
  6. Opt for bright, colorful, and leafy plants (eat the rainbow).

Green Smoothie Recipe (feel free to experiment):

  • 16 ounces Green Juice base (cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, apple);
  • 1 scoop wheatgrass or green powder (like Green Vibrance);
  • 1 TBSP flax oil;
  • A handful of leafy greens;
  • Berries (we love wild blueberries, blackberries, & raspberries, but really any berry will do); and
  • If the mood strikes, some mango or banana.

Be sure to opt for organic whenever possible, and stock up on frozen fruits and veggies to ensure ripeness!

Precautions To Take…

​There’s plenty of things we can do to prevent getting sick or spreading the disease. Definitely stock up on supplies like cleaning products, food, and medicine to be prepared in case you get sick or need to stay home for a period of time. Some precautions to take to avoid getting sick​ include:

  1. Wash your hands often (with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds)​- before and after eating, coughing/sneezing/blowing nose, touching face, leaving a public place, coming home.
  2. Cough/sneeze into elbow or tissue​- promptly toss tissue into trash.
  3. Avoid touching​- face, shaking hands, and high contact surfaces in publicplaces (elevator buttons, door handles, and handrails).
  4. Avoid crowds, cruises and non-essential public transportation​- especially air travel.
  5. Keep a 6 foot distance from others in public.
  6. Stay home if you’re feeling sick.
  7. Use hand sanitizer​- with at least ​60% alcohol​ (if soap and water is unavailable), fully cover hands and let air dry.
  8. Only use a facemask if​- you are already sick or caring for someone who is sick.
  9. Follow proper nutrition and sleep patterns​- Get plenty of vitamins (green smoothies to the rescue!) and ​at least 7 hours of sleep​ every night to keep your immune system strong.

At Home Care

The ​advice from the CDC and federal government​ includes practicing “social distancing”, meaning attempting to keep a 6 foot distance from others in public, limiting gatherings of more than 10 people, and avoid going out as much as possible (only take-out from restaurants, work from home, etc.). Also, if you or someone in your household are sick, or a high-risk (over 65 years of age, have a chronic illness, are pregnant) it is highly advisable to stay home. This illness can be deadly and it is best to stay on the safe side.

Proper Cleaning and Disinfecting

​Cleaning and disinfecting is your friend in the fight against spreading illness. Places to focus on and clean on the daily are frequently touched surfaces like ​doorknobs​, handles​, ​lightswitches​, ​phones​, ​keyboards​, ​desks​, ​tables​, ​countertops​, ​faucets​, sinks​, ​toilets​, ​steering wheels​, and ​purses​. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning product for all the different materials in your home and follow the instructions. For extra dirty things, use soap and water before disinfecting and look for ​EPA-registered household disinfectants​. Also, your alcohol solutions should be at least 70% alcohol.

Here is a bleach solution you can prepare at home:

  1. 1⁄3 cup of bleach per gallon of water Or
  2. 4 teaspoons of bleach per 1 quart of water

Make sure to wear disposable gloves when cleaning/disinfecting, check the expiration date on the bleach, do not mix with ammonia or other cleanser, and ensure proper ventilation.

What We Know About The Virus…

The Coronavirus disease is ​caused by the virus “SARS-CoV-2”​, which originates from bats. At the epicenter of the outbreak, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, the start to the illness was linked to a large seafood and live animal market. This suggests it spread from animal to person, then from person to person (within 6 feet of contact). It is a respiratory illness for which there is yet to be a vaccine. At least for now, there appears to be only about 16% of cases resulting in serious illness. Unfortunately, those ​most at risk​ are older adults (especially aged 80+), and people with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart and lung disease. It can spread easily and sustainably through respiratory droplets from infected person’s cough/sneeze landing on mouth, nose, or inhaled into lungs of another person.

Symptoms To Look Out For…

Reported cases of COVID-19 have ranged from very mild (no symptoms) to severe, and sometimes death. Symptoms seem to appear between 2-14 days after exposure. They include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Emergency Warning Signs:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent pain/pressure in chest
  • Unexplained confusion or lethargy
  • Bluish lips/face

If it’s not an emergency situation, call your doctor for advice and to see if testing is necessary. Take care of yourself at home if you’re not sick enough for hospitalization.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed some things you can do ​if you are sick with mild symptoms here​.

So there is plenty we can do to prevent ourselves and others from getting this disease, and luckily, in most cases, it is not deadly. Most of us can care for it by staying home, taking the necessary medicine, vitamins, lots of fluids and plenty of rest. There is no need to panic or stress out. Look into reputable sources like the World Health Organization or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for accurate info and updates. It will pass, and we will find a vaccine. In the meanwhile, stay extra clean, healthy, and informed!

Author: Tessa Mini and Carla Castro trainers at Bare Health in Napa, CA