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Every person has different physical ailments, postural issues, strength and cardio capacities and nutrition protocols that work best for their body. With Bare Health you will be guided step by step through your personalized posture program, therapeutic stretches and strength program, training program, herbs and supplements regime and a scientific based nutrition program to help you achieve your goal in the shortest time possible. We look at every aspect of your health and work together with leading industry professionals to help get you feeling and looking healthy.

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Online Personal Training Process

We know this is probably new to you so we thought we’d give you a step-by-step guide on what to expect with your new online personal training package. Many of our clients have transitioned to online training as it can conveniently be done in the safety of your home at your convenience. With our four-step process we can provide you with the same quality workout that you would receive at our gym.

Online Personal Training Consultation

[fusion_texThinking about online training but not sure if it is right for you? Schedule a 15 min call to discuss your training goals with one of our licensed personal trainers. During this call we will discuss our approach and how we can make a difference in your current training regime or help you start out a new one. Be sure to have a 1-3 goals in mind to discuss with a trainer, any questions you may have about online training, and a tentative schedule you may want. After the call if you are ready to join the Bare Health family we will send you a comprehensive onboarding package for you to fill out so we can better tailor a custom program to you. All of our programs are based on your postural analysis, your health history, blood labs, nutrition and aerobic capacity because every person is unique when it comes to their fitness journey.

Online Personal Training Onboarding

Welcome to the Bare Health family! Now that you are ready to start your health and wellness journey with a Bare Health trainer we have some initial information that we need to gather to best serve you. In your initial on-boarding email you will find the following for you to complete and remember the more detail and information we have the better we can create a unique program tailored to your needs:

Comprehensive health history form – within these forms we will review your health history and any medical concerns

Nutrition Log – Ideally we like when clients can complete a 3-day food and liquid log the more detail the better as it helps us tailor a custom nutrition plan for you.

Blood labs – if you have access to your most recent blood labs this specifically helps us in tailoring a nutrition program that works best for your metabolism, food allergies and digestive system.

Required Pictures – We need the following four pictures and it is best if the client can be in a tank top with shorts, no shoes. Please send: Front ViewLeft Side ViewRight Side View and Back Vie

Online Personal Training Session

After you have compiled all of the on-boarding documents within 3-5 days we will have your full postural analysis, therapeutic stretches, therapeutic exercises and cardio regime program. Before your first session we will send all these documents to you to review and try out on your own. Your first session will be 1.5 hours long as we would like to review these stretches and exercises with you to ensure your form is correct and make any necessary adjustments to your program whether that be backing off on some exercises or progressing. Additionally upon reviewing your health history we will suggest any lab work that might be helpful to get you closer to your goals. We work closely with a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor to offer our clients the following lab work: 1) Food sensitivity and Food Allergy testing 2) Neurotransmitter Testing 3) Hormone Panel Testing 4) Microbiome Testing and 5) SIBO Testing

Online Personal Training Monthly Review

During our monthly review you will receive a new therapeutic stretch program, therapeutic strength program, updated aerobic program and nutrition program. During this session we will review any of your questions on the program and go over all stretches and strength exercises. The idea of this session is to get you going for the next month and to help you feel comfortable executing your program on your own throughout the week. Also we would like you to come prepared for these review sessions which means you have reviewed the program and may have even tried the exercises on your own, reviewed what worked from the previous program and what has not worked for you and any nutrition concerns you may have. Please plan for 1.5 hours for our monthly reviews the first half will primarily be talking and the last half will be our workout so be prepared to get sweaty too!

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Meet Your Online Personal Trainers

All of Bare Health’s trainers are thoroughly trained in postural analysis, therapeutic stretch and strengthening programs in order to give you the most detailed programming according to your body. We are committed to keeping you pain free, advancing your mobility, teaching you the best way to fuel your body and advance your fitness to reach your goals.

Tessa Mini
Tessa Mini
I believe health and fitness comes down to lifestyle changes and that is what I offer my clients. Through the means of teaching about proper eating habits, plant-based nutrition, meal preparation, resistance and cardiovascular exercises and consistency, I believe anyone can achieve their goals in health and fitness. I have a well-rounded and extensive history within this industry, originating with Division 1 college tennis at the University of Portland, half marathons, Open Crossfit competitions, IFBB and INBA bodybuilding competitions, working with rehabilitation clients, postural analysis, gait analysis, therapeutic exercises and hosting international wellness retreats. I studied in Australia to obtain my personal training and nutrition degree and that is when I found my passion in health and fitness. Opening Bare Health boutique personal training studio in downtown Napa has allowed me to transfer all my knowledge and passion of fitness into specifically tailored programs for my clients.
Carla Castro
Carla Castro
I took an active role in my health and fitness after I became 30 pounds overweight and started having issues with my gallbladder due to my diet. My husband and I switched to a plant-based, vegan diet and I joined him in the gym. I fell in love with strength training and became fit. I wanted to help others do the same so I decided to become a personal trainer. I’m certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have continued education in Posture Assessment and Correction from Matt Kathol. I believe a personalized nutrition plan combined with the right workout routine can help anyone become fit, healthy, and pain free.
My training styles include: Couples training, group training, kids ages 12 & up, postural correction, therapeutic exercises, HIIT, weight training, yoga, tendon release/manual therapy.
Andy Roundez
Andy Roundez
Andy’s passion for health and fitness started as a competitive, outdoor adventure athlete in the sports of whitewater kayaking and Ultra-distance competitive cycling. These interests took him across the globe, where he spent the first half of his career leading international whitewater kayak expeditions and providing 1:1 instruction for people of all fitness levels. Over the years he realized that in order to be able to continue these sports long term, he needed to improve his own training and nutrition. His interest in functional strength and mobility training grew from there. Andy is now a N.A.S.M Personal Trainer, Functional Mobility Specialist, USA Level III Cycling Coach, and Certified TRX Instructor. He’s currently completing an advanced certification in Corrective Exercise Specialization. Andy’s passionate about helping people of any fitness level develop an active lifestyle and reach their personal best. Whether your goal is simply to move better, become pain free, or ride your first 100 miles on a bicycle, he is here to support you!
Matt Kathol
Matt Kathol
Matt has been involved in personal training, athletic coaching/training, continuing medical education for healthcare professionals, and corporate wellness for 20 years. He provides his education programs for physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, and chiropractors throughout the U.S. These seminars include understanding how to apply the law of physics, anatomy and postural analysis into your training and rehabilitation programs. Other experiences include: consultant for some of the top exercise/nutrition companies in the world, and was a strength and conditioning coach for a Division 1 college. Plus, he has personally trained and provided exercise therapy for a variety of populations, ranging from professional and amateur athletes, celebrities, business professionals, and moms. He has been an ergonomics and corporate wellness consultant for Genentech, Inc., Vacaville Correctional Facility, Silver Oak Winery, Wal-Mart, Duckhorn Winery, City of Vacaville/Fairfield, among other companies. He now practices out of Bare Health but frequently travels for ergonomics and corporate wellness jobs for companies.
Armando Castro
Armando Castro
I’ve been playing sports from a young age including Soccer, basket-ball, football, wrestling (Greco-Roman, and Jiu-Jitsu) some organized some not. Started lifting weights, studying anatomy and massage in High School around the age of 15.
I’ve got a CMT certificate from Lifestream School of Massage and have been a licensed therapist in the Napa Valley since 2013. I have had a self practice, and have worked at Massage Envy.

I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with some continued education in Posture Assessment and gait analysis with Matt Kathol. I Mainly train 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 and enjoy helping people with posture, mobility, strength, and athletic training.