Fitness gurus have a habit of making food miserable. Everything is carefully measured, categorized and labeled. Things are compartmentalized, with each item on the plate having its own slot on the plate.


This approach to eating, though, drains your energy. Food is one of life’s primal pleasures. You want it to taste good. If it doesn’t, it’s much harder to stick to your regimen. Most people who start in the New Year, give up by February. Who wants to sit down to yet another meal of boiled rice and broccoli? No one.


The trick here is to prioritize flavor. It’s about using healthy ingredients in combinations that create something that you’ll find delicious.


How To Prioritize Flavor

While this might sound challenging, nature is actually on your side. It turns out that many of the healthiest foods are also the tastiest. Take herbs and spices, for instance. Nature packs these with flavor, enhancing any dish.

Then there are healthy fats. Basil flavored olive oil, nut butters and avocados are a great way to add this element to your meals.

Heat comes from chillies – one of the most anti-inflammatory fruits available. And if you like umami, you can get salt from miso, a product that adds saltiness to your dishes, but doesn’t appear to harm health.


The key to a sustainable healthy eating plan is to eliminate the sense of lack. You want to avoid that annoying feeling that you’re missing out when all your friends are eating donuts. You want to make your own version – whatever it is – in a way that won’t get in the way of your fitness and lifestyle goals.


But how do you actually make the things that you’re eating tasty?


Add Nut Butters To Your Recipes


Meals generally taste better when you have a source of fat. To get the most nutrients possible and support your metabolism, it’s a good idea to consume nuts. What’s more, you can incorporate them into all sorts of recipes.

For instance, if you’re making a salad, you can actually use nut butters in the dressing by mixing them with fruit and a source of acidity, usually vinegar.

You can also put them in stir fries and even use them to make creamy pasta dishes.

Olive oil is similarly versatile. Thanks to its high oleic acid content, it supports your health goals.

Chop Fresh Herbs And Sprinkle Them On Your Dishes

Fresh herbs have an ability to take your dishes to the next level of deliciousness. What’s more, they’re incredibly good for you. For instance, parsley is high in apigenin, a compound associated with extreme longevity. Mint is high in a substance that helps to fight hair loss and graying. And sage is anti-inflammatory, like chili, making it a great addition to food after a workout.

Add Citrus


Lemon and lime are both great complements to your dishes. You’ll notice that when you add them, your food tastes fresher and more vibrant. Over time, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.