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By now, you know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But it’s challenging to dive into a new and intense routine immediately. Instead, look for gentle ways to improve your health and fitness, yet even this can feel overwhelming. Do you start running? Do you go to the gym? Should you find a local club? While you’re pondering on these questions, you can speak to your doctor who can help you kickstart your fitness journey. Here are a few reasons why.

They Can Carry Out Tests

Depending on your age or experience with an active lifestyle, your doctor may want to carry out tests as this will highlight any severe health issues you could have, such as high blood pressure that may be exacerbated by intense activity.


With these tests, your doctor can give you the go-ahead or even offer beneficial medical weight loss solutions to explore before you start your fitness journey. In doing so, you will become more capable and reduce your risk of injuries or conditions.

They Can Determine Your Needs

Your doctor’s appointment will also give them a chance to assess your needs and recommend the best type of activity. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, you may benefit from outdoor exercise, even if it’s just walking or running. Likewise, older readers may not be able to handle intense, high-impact workouts, but yoga or swimming could be the perfect activity.


Any type of activity will benefit you, but you need to make sure that it works for you. There’s no point buying gear and equipment for a sport you won’t stick with, so listen to your doctor and explore their suggestions. There’s plenty of time to expand your activities later.

They Are Familiar With Your Medical History

Every doctor has a detailed record of your medical history and they can use this to determine whether the fitness routine you’ve chosen is suitable for your goals. If there is a record of injuries or conditions they may direct you away from your intended activities and encourage you to try something else.


While this might be disappointing, you still need to put your health first, so listen to your doctor and follow their advice. If you still want to experience other sports later, go back to them and see if your condition has improved.

They Can Recommend Support and Treatment for Injuries

Doctors can offer advice surrounding recovery, such as the best approach to healing a sprained ankle or easing back into your routine if you’ve been on the shelf for a while.


They can even recommend you visit specialists if you have a long-term issue, such as a knee that won’t get better. Physiotherapists may be able to help you get back to your best so you can return to your fitness journey as quickly as possible.


If you’re nervous about starting a new fitness journey, your doctor can provide crucial advice and even treatment to help you prepare for a more active lifestyle. Doing so ensures you do not push yourself too hard and risk serious health issues and means you have a stronger chance of seeing impressive fitness results that will help your new attitude stick.