There are many signs of adulthood. You have more responsibilities as well as more maturity and, hopefully, more resilience than when you were a child. You’d like to think that you’re wiser. But one of the most prevalent and irritating signs of adulthood is that, chances are, your back hurts right now.

Back pain has a variety of causes, and depending on why your back hurts, you might want to deal with it in different ways. If you have constant, severe back pain that prevents you from doing normal activities, it’s best to see a doctor. The same is true if you experience sudden severe back pain, especially if you’ve possibly been injured.

Get a Massage

General back pain is often caused by muscle tension. Let’s be honest, most people have a lot to be tense about.

One of the best ways to relax tight muscles is to get a massage. A skilled massage therapist uses scented oils and carefully rubs and manipulates specific muscle groups to help you to relax. A massage can relieve tension and pain, so you can feel like a whole new person.


Another way to relieve tight muscles and tension is to stretch. Certain stretches can loosen muscles and get you nice and limber for the day.

Try not to strain yourself when stretching. If it hurts, don’t push the stretch any further. Stick to small, slow stretches until you gain more flexibility and strength. If you stretch regularly, you’ll find that familiar stiffness will lessen over time.

Hot and Cold Water

Water is known to be therapeutic, and swimming is one of the best ways to exercise gently if you’re worried about hurting your joints.

Hot and cold water can both be beneficial to your joints and muscles. A hot bath after a long, hard day can help you to relax, especially if you pair it with essential oils and salts. This can relieve pain, tension, and it’s generally pleasant.

So, why would you choose cold water over hot water?

Cold water baths and showers are actually fantastic for your general health and fitness. If you have an injury, cold water is also much better for reducing inflammation and helping with pain.

Swimming in cold water is also great for your cardiovascular system, but never swim alone as you can be prone to cramps or other issues.


Another great way to deal with long-lasting back issues is to go to a chiropractor. A chiropractor can help with a wide range of issues, including chronic back and neck problems as well as other illnesses.

You should always consult a doctor when considering different treatments, especially if they already have a treatment plan in place.

Sometimes you don’t realize just how much back problems can bother you until they get resolved. But pain drags you down and tires you out, so if you can find a solution, it can make an amazing difference in your life.