Almost everyone wants to feel a little bit healthier, and there are a lot of ways that you can gently improve your health without breaking the bank and without going ‘hard’. The key to improving your health gently is by doing it in a way that is manageable and practical for you.

food on plates


Health is not just one thing; it is our mind and body – everything that keeps us running every day. So no matter where you are in your early fitness journey, here are some tips that can have you feeling good – and ready to achieve your fitness goals.


If you are adding extra salt to foods that are already high in salt – you could be heading for a disaster. Your blood pressure will thank you pretty quickly. You might not notice until you reduce the salt in your meals that you are also slightly bloated and holding on to extra water too.


Swap salt for some other tastemakers like garlic, onions, or seasoning blends without salt. It might take a little while for your taste buds to adjust, but they will.


Many people just aren’t moving enough, and that means we end up with less energy, and our bodies suffer the consequences of inactivity too. Walking is a great start, and the more often you do it, the more your levels of fitness will be increased.


Another brilliant and reasonably gentle way to improve your health is by cycling; just like Cycling Fit Mind and Body says: “Regular cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse, and reduces cholesterol levels,” – making it the perfect way to move your body for fun.


Try to set yourself a goal every day, move more than you might need to, and then start to build it into your week that you do something extra at least three times. But starting with an extra few steps per day, or whatever you feel physically and mentally able to do – is a great idea!

Rest AND Sleep

Resting and sleeping are different things, and rest is just as important for our overall health. When we sleep, it gives our body time to repair itself and perform vital functions. Resting gives us a chance to recover when things are really busy in life.


When we don’t sleep enough, we are more likely to struggle with weight, over or undereat, and there is an increased risk of stroke or heart attack (as well as being more grouchy).


It cannot be stressed enough that most people do not drink enough water for them to feel properly hydrated, and as you increase your activity levels, you should increase your water intake at the same time. Water is one thing that our bodies absolutely need to perform all of their functions.


Drinking more water will have an impact within a few days, and you’ll notice it in your skin and general feeling (although be prepared to pee more often, too!).


Start to pay more attention to what you are eating too: From the Inside Out: How Proper Nutrition Can Enhance Your Physical Health.