Living by a beach is the dream, just being right near this kind of beautiful natural beauty can be fantastic for your mental health. But it’s also perfect for your physical health journey too as there are loads of activities you can do that are really fun as well as great for burning calories and working your muscles. Maybe you’ve just moved to a coastal location or you might be considering it, if so here are a few activities you can do that are fun and keep you fit!




There’s a reason why surfers have such an enviable physique– surfing is a really intense workout. But as it’s so much fun and fills you with adrenaline, you’ll get a workout without even realising it. It’s a tricky skill to learn so book yourself in some lessons and start with the basics, then you can work your way up and you’ll be surfing impressive waves before you know it!



Paddleboarding is a fantastic full body workout and also promotes balance and stability. This activity provides a low impact workout, so unlike surfing it’s suitable for people of all fitness levels, but as you progress you could challenge yourself by trying out different yoga poses on the board. This will further enhance your core strength and flexibility and bring a whole new level to it! Buy a paddleboard or look into something like a 30a paddle board rental so you can get started.



Kayaking is great way to explore the beauty of the coastline while getting a workout. Push your upper body muscles as you paddle through the waves, or go for a more leisurely kayak ride on calm waters. If you’re looking for a more intense workout you can venture into the choppier waves for a thrilling challenge that will get your heart pumping.


Beach Volleyball

Nothing brings people together like a game of beach volleyball, it’s fun and social and brings a bit of that competitive spirit to your fitness routine. Playing beach volleyball will improve your cardiovascular endurance and also work your lower body muscles as you jump, dive and run across the sand. If you’re near the coast, chances are there are local games you can join for some regular games



Swimming is a low-impact, full body exercise and lets you target various muscle groups simultaneously. Whether you choose to swim leisurely along the shoreline or challenge yourself with long distance swimming, you’ll be amazed at the physical and mental benefits that it offers. No need to pay pool fees, however you should always be aware of the safety of swimming in the sea. Only swim in areas that have been designated as safe, on a manned beach with a coastguard. Even strong swimmers can be swept out by the current so it’s important you know what to do if you get into trouble and that you always tell someone where you’re going to be going.