How Can You Prevent Bloat?

Common ways to prevent bloat are: taking a digestive enzyme and probiotic, rule out food allergies and sensitivities, avoid swallowing air such as when chewing gum/drinking carbonated drinks, don't drink through a straw, avoid high-fiber [...]

How Do You Treat Bloat?

To treat bloat you need to address what is causing the bloat. Although sometimes it is caused by a serious medical issue typically bloat occurs from diet or food sensitivities. Typical treatment is: eating slower [...]

What are Common Symptoms of Bloat?

Symptoms of bloating for various reasons can be stomach distention, your stomach appearing bigger or actually bigger, pain in your stomach, discomfort in your stomach, swelling, tightness, a feeling of being "stuffed", excess gas, heartburn, [...]

What Is Bloat?

Bloating is when your stomach distends and feels swollen, stuffed, tight, or uncomfortable. Bloating can also make your stomach look bigger. Bloating can often cause pain and discomfort and additional gas. Often times this happens [...]


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