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Business Coaching

Bare Health has over 25 years of experience in Ergonomics, Injury Prevention and Corporate Wellness. Learn more about how we can service your business whether it be setting up an employee’s desks, chairs, and monitors correctly or hosting a corporate wellness retreat. Additionally, we provide many companies with injury prevention seminars, training, and manuals that can assist with job-related injuries.

Risk Assessment

employees’ workstations. Our staff will travel to your location and evaluate the employee’s biomechanics and workstation. The goal is to identify what’s wrong with the workstation and fix it and the employee’s mechanics. We do this through a comprehensive postural analysis of the employee and precise ergonomic measurements of the workstation.

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Program Development

At Bare Health we provide comprehensive work safety program development. This starts with a general onsite assessment in which pictures and video are taken of each task within each department. Our staff will make a training manual that covers the science of injury, proper work techniques, and exercises for the employee. The cost is $1500 per department plus printing. Spanish translation is available.

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Program Mangement

At Bare Health we provide comprehensive work safety program management, in which we train your trainers. This program teaches the appropriate staff, typically managers, or designated injury prevention coordinators, how to assess workstations, fix workstations, build training manuals, build training presentations, and conduct injury prevention presentations.

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Bare Health has been involved in the health and wellness industry since 1988 and corporate wellness and ergonomics services since 1992. Our company has provided corporate wellness and ergonomics services for many top companies including Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Genetech, US Navy Seals, Cisco, Sony, Numerous Napa wineries and affiliated businesses.

Corporate Wellness

Bare Health has been servicing hotels and corporate retreats since 1990. We are well acquainted with tailoring programs and creating a sense of luxury. Regardless of your age or skill level, Bare Health will help you get your health back to basics. We’ll work with you holistically, focusing on fitness, diet (the food you eat, not the food you can’t), natural pain relief, and more.