cable machine

Cable machines are probably the best machines in a gym. They provide excellent resistance through cables attached to weights, and you can add so many attachments to do loads of different exercises. You can work out your upper and lower body with cables, but the problem is they’re massive machines that are super expensive and hard to put in your home. So, if you’re working out from home, you feel like you’re missing out.


There is, however, one simple trick to create a cable machine at home. All you need is some resistance bands, and you should be ready for action. Below, you’re going to learn how to set your resistance bands up to replicate a cable machine in three ways: high cable machine position, middle cable machine position, and low cable machine position.


How to set up the high position

Firstly, you need to get yourself a door anchor for your resistance bands. You can sometimes get these with resistance band sets – if they’re the tube bands with handles on them. But, they’re easy to buy.


From here, you put the anchor at the top of any door in your home, then close the door. There will be a stopped on the other side that keeps the anchor in place. Now, you can put your resistance band through the hole in the door anchor, and you’re got a high-pully system.


Be absolutely certain that the door is closed firmly – lock it if possible. You don’t want it to spring open as this can cause the resistance band to fly into your face, along with the anchor. If it hits you with enough force, you might end up at the dentist with a missing tooth and an embarrassing story to share.


How to set up the middle position

You can do the same thing, but put the anchor in at the side of the door in the middle. Or, you can just tie your band around the door handle. This position is perfect for things like pec flies, rear delt flies, or external rotations of the shoulder.


How to set up the low position

Again, you have two options. Firstly, do the same as the first two ideas, only with the anchor below the door. Secondly, you can just step onto the resistance bands and use your feet to anchor them in place. This is a really good position for curls, upright rows, lateral raises, and many other exercises.


Just like that, you’ve basically got a cable machine at home. The key is to have a variety of resistance bands to let you do lots of different exercises. For instance, tube bands are really good for doing flies, rows, and so on. But, loop bands can be useful at adding more resistance and doing things like rows or curls with some added weight. Either way, you now know how to create a cable machine at home with just some bands, a door, and a door anchor. The best thing is, it is an inexpensive investment that can upgrade your home workouts.