How many times have you started a new training plan, only to ditch it part-way through? It’s easily done. Sometimes the motivation stops or life gets in the way, and sometimes the plan is just so ambitious that it’s impossible to keep up.


But just because you’ve had some setbacks in the past, doesn’t mean you should give up. A training plan should be achievable while still being challenging so that you can reach your goals successfully.


Gear yourself up for success with these five tips to create a training plan you can stick to.


1. Decide on your goal

Deciding on your training goal should be relatively easy. You might want to train to run a marathon or reach a certain strength goal – something that’s personal and challenging.


Alongside your main goal, you can also add some smaller goals to help you stay motivated along the way. From completing a set with no breaks to hitting a certain weight on different exercises, there are smaller goals you can set that will keep you going, that can be adapted as you progress.

2. Do your research first

Research is important to help make sure your training program will help you achieve your goals. Your research will help you decide how long your sessions should be and their intensity, and ensure your training is varied to build your strength and endurance.


Get advice from experts to help with your plan. John Yokley PTFS has some amazing tips for triathlon training that could help you get the most from your plan. A personal trainer could also help you put together the most suitable training plan for you.

3. Give yourself some warm-up weeks

A practice run is always a good idea before you embark on a solid training plan. This can help you iron out exercises you may not be ready for, and help you get your body ready for the work ahead.


Use your practice time to help you perfect your technique and get things right. There are a lot of injuries caused by improper workout habits that could easily be avoided if you take the time to practice first.

4. Plan a sensible and manageable schedule

Your training plan needs to be sensible and manageable. Build it up gradually to increase the length, frequency and intensity of your sessions. If you try too much too soon, you’ll exhaust yourself and possibly cause injury, derailing your plans to reach your overall goal.


Fit your workouts in at times you can stick to – over time you’ll learn what works for you and can make adjustments as necessary.

5. Include breaks and different types of exercises

Alongside your main training activity, whether it’s running, strength or something else – it’s a good idea to mix it up and bring in different types of exercises. This helps keep your training fresh and gives you the chance to enjoy some active recovery too. Stretching exercises or yoga can be a welcome treat for your muscles, helping to make you more flexible to keep you strong throughout the rest of your training.


Don’t forget to plan in breaks too. De-load weeks are a fantastic way to take a step back without undoing your hard work, helping you continue without losing your motivation.


With the right approach, you can easily develop a training plan that works for you, that you can stick with and use to help you achieve your goals.