DetoxEveryone goes through times they don’t feel at their best. Life can be both busy and stressful, and this takes a toll on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, when life is hectic and you feel stressed, it becomes easier to slip into unhealthy habits. Stress can disrupt your eating habits and your sleep patterns, and before too long, you can be left feeling far from your best. If you have been feeling tired, sluggish and lacking in energy due to your lifestyle, you may be hoping to get your wellness back on track so you can start feeling better once again.

Detoxing the body is a popular way to hit the refresh button and kickstart healthier habits. While the body does have its own sophisticated methods of detoxifying itself, detox methods can provide a helping hand to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. If you are keen to give detox a try, you may want to speak with your doctor to rule out any medical issues causing you to feel out of sorts. If your doctor believes a detox could benefit you, why not consider some of the methods mentioned below?

Ditch Caffeine

If you have been depending on caffeine to get through the day, then the chances are you are drinking quite a lot of it. While coffee and other caffeinated drinks can make you feel more alert in the short term, they can also make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep and may even make you feel more anxious. If you drink lots of caffeine each day, it is probably best to cut down slowly rather than eliminate it from your diet in one go. Once you start to reduce your caffeine intake, you should begin to feel better. Drinking water instead of your regular cup of coffee will help you to feel hydrated and aid your detoxification process.

Cut Out Processed Foods

When life is super busy, it is much easier to turn to processed foods than cooking from scratch. But, giving yourself time to detox and enjoy freshly prepared meals can make a massive difference to your wellbeing. You should feel your energy levels increase and that sluggish feeling disappear.

Get a Massage

Your body’s lymphatic system is essential to the detox process. The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of toxins from tissues. Boosting the movement of lymph fluid through your body can aid the detox process. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is designed for this exact purpose and is a treatment to consider as part of your detox journey.

Sleep More

Getting the correct amount of sleep is vital to feeling well and plays a crucial role in the detox process. While you sleep, your body can get to work eliminating toxins that have accumulated. If you miss out on sleep, the opportunity to eliminate these toxins is missed. The CDC advises adults to get at least seven hours of sleep each night to protect their health and wellness.