Whether you’re going on a work trip or an extended vacation, traveling can put strains on your body that it isn’t used to. You might end up eating food from places far away from home and spending time sitting in uncomfortable positions as you fly across the world. But jotting down some essential tips for keeping yourself healthy while you travel will ensure that the stresses of being on the road don’t affect your health too much.


10 Great Tips For Keeping In Shape While Traveling

1. Lift Your Luggage With Your Legs

The lower back is one of the most common areas that travelers injure due to poor posture and wrong lifting methods. So even if it means waiting ten extra minutes in line at security, lift your luggage with both legs instead of just bending over to pick it up with your back. This will protect your body from potentially serious injury later on.

2. Walk Everywhere You Can

One of the best ways to stay fit while traveling is to walk everywhere you can. Yes, even if it’s a part of town where locals advise against going without an armed guard, walking gives you more opportunities to see local attractions and breathe in the fresh air than taking a taxi or bus does. Plus, it keeps you active so that you don’t gain weight during your trip!

3. Swap Out Pizza And Pasta For Healthy Local Fare

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when arriving in a new country is hunt for all the local food specialties. But if this puts extra pounds on your body, seek out other options. Instead of Italian pasta, try the local fare in Italy. Instead of steak-and-cheese sandwiches, get to know the different types of bread and cheese that France has to offer. You might not feel like kimchi one week into your trip, but you’ll be thankful you ate healthy once you return home!

4. Pack Snacks For Long Flights

We usually think about what we should wear when traveling, but packing snacks for long flights is just as important. If you can’t get up from your seat or there’s no time during the flight to buy food at the airport, packed goodies ensure that you don’t go hungry while still keeping your health in check.

5. Perform Stretches And Exercises Regularly

Make sure to perform stretches and simple exercises at least once an hour when you’re traveling, no matter how brief your trip or uncomfortable your seat is. This will keep your back strong and flexible enough to handle any position that the airplane puts you in without getting injured.

6. Walk-Up The Aisle Every Time You Need To Use The Bathroom

Another way to protect yourself from injuries is by always walking up the aisle whenever you need to use the bathroom so that you can stretch out your legs and back again. Skipping one of these opportunities is akin to working overtime: it’s just not sustainable, and something has to give eventually!

7. If Your Seat Doesn’t Recline, Use A Travel Pillow

You can also use other pillows or even your bag to brace yourself against the plane’s turbulence while you sleep. This way, there will be no need for an uncomfortable seat belt digging into your stomach when you need to sleep during a flight!

8. Sleep With Your Legs Raised While On The Plane

This tip helps blood flow through your body while you fly but without having to get up and walk around in the aisle every few minutes. Just give yourself enough time beforehand to determine how high above sea level you’ll be flying since different altitudes affect which position is best for keeping your leg muscles stretched while asleep.

9. Do Kegels And Other Exercises To Maintain Pelvic Floor Health

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that you should neglect your pelvic floor health. Make sure to perform kegel exercises or other exercises designed to improve the strength of your pelvic muscles so that they don’t lose their ability to contract after long periods of sitting and standing in one position. Otherwise, pain during sex and incontinence can become a big problem for people on extended trips!

10. Eat A Balanced Diet And Get Your Fluids In

When we think about what we should be doing when traveling, staying hydrated is often the last thing that comes up in our minds. But besides helping you feel less tired and lethargic, drinking enough water also keeps all of your organs running well and prevents you from gaining extra weight due to overeating.

Exercise Equipment You Can Travel With

If you’re traveling for weeks or months at a time, it can be challenging to stick to your usual workout routine. Make sure that you only pack the exercise equipment necessary to keep yourself fit!

Travel-Sized Yoga Mat: A yoga mat doesn’t take up too much space and will provide you with enough base to do some stretches on top of it. You can even use the floor if there are no chairs around!

Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are very cheap and versatile exercise tools that don’t take too much space in your bag. Remember to bring your heavy duty resistance bands for home. Just make sure not to pull them apart as hard as possible when packing them back up to avoid losing their elasticity.

Dumbbells/Kettlebells: If you’re looking for a more intense workout, bring some adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells with you. Most hotels have gym equipment that you can use for free, so there’s no reason to entirely forego your regular workout in the name of saving space in your bag!

Foam Roller: Rollers are great at stretching out tight muscles and preventing them from cramping up during long flights. Make sure only to pack one if you plan on going bigger, though: bringing a roller can easily double or triple the size of your luggage!

There You Have It

All this advice can be summarized in one sentence: do everything to care for yourself! Make sure to work out routines that fit your lifestyle and include plenty of healthy foods and drinks before and after every trip. Traveling shouldn’t stand in the way of you or your family living long, productive lives!